Brouwer Groothandelsgroep | Industrierondweg 4 | 8321 EA Urk, Holland

Brouwer Groothandelsgroep comprises five very diverse food wholesalers, who are of course all HACCP certified. They each reinforce one another in terms of know-how, purchasing, facilities and finance.

The common denominator of all five Brouwer companies is, first and foremost the attention for their client's wishes, whether this concerns delivery times, extra service or special requirements for the product. Furthermore, each wholesaler guarantees top quality of the products supplied, at a keen price. Supplying the regional, national or international market, each member of the Brouwer Groothandelsgroep can offer a total package.

Asia Express Food
An importer and exporter of Asian and African products. They are a supplier of fresh and packaged food products, along with a small but special non-food range, to clients across Europe. The broad range includes no less than 2500 excellent quality brand products, mainly from Asian and African countries: fresh Thai herbs, Chinese vegetables, tropical fruit, rice, noodles, preserves and spices.

Brouwer Catering Wholesaler
Regional supplier of the product range for snack bars and related catering establishments. Hundreds of clients throughout the region can count on their regular delivery man on prearranged days each week. Brouwer Catering Wholesaler is known for the personal approach, reliability and flexibility of deliveries.

Schiava Catering Wholesaler
Regional supplier of Italian specialities to restaurants and pizza houses in the northern Netherlands. Schiava is exclusive and all-round; a versatile specialist. Besides exclusive Italian products, they also supply standard food articles, giving clients the option of one-stop purchasing therefore. Schiava enjoys helping restaurant owners to choose the right products, for added value on their menu.

Visscher Seafood
A professional and modern fish-processing company and a trusted supplier of various species of processed and unprocessed fresh fish, shrimps, mussels and oysters. Fresh North Sea fish and Norwegian salmon are their specialties. Visscher Seafood supplies the Benelux countries and Germany daily, and twice a week to Spain, Italy and the UK, to supermarkets, wholesalers, catering suppliers and industrial companies.

Fisherman's Choice
The company imports from Asian countries and distributes frozen shrimp products, surimi, skewered products and seafood delicacies. They can be recognised by the familiar blue packs with the Fishermans Choice® trade name and under private labels. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, this top brand guarantees quality, which has earned it many prizes by now. Clients include international wholesalers, catering and industry.